Fur is perhaps one of the most controversial topics in the fashion industry.  Many believe that the use of fur is barbaric and inhumane.  Their reasoning is usually based on their belief that animals have similar rights as humans and/or that animals are mistreated or even tortured for their fur.  

 At Samuel Reiz we believe that the world was designed with purpose and intent in every one of its details. We believe that animals were created to serve our needs be it through consumption as food, the comfort gained from a pet, or by utilizing the fur or hairs of animals for clothing.  This has been done for thousands of years, and we don't think it should stop simply because "there are other alternatives", especially when the fur alternatives pollute our planet (including the animals inside it) with toxic chemicals and waste.  

 The alternatives to fur such as faux fur are no match in comparison to real fur for the following reasons:

  1. Real fur provides more warmth than faux fur
  2. Real fur is more comfortable than faux fur.
  3. The process of making faux fur isn't sustainable and pollutes our planet.
  4. The lifespan of real fur is far longer than the lifespan of fake fur, making fake fur less sustainable as it will constantly have to replaced over the years.
  5. When the lifespan of real fur is complete it can biodegrade within a few years, whereas faux fur can take up to one thousand years till it fully biodegrades.

 All this being said there are brands in the fur industry who aren't careful regarding who they acquire their fur from.  Many brands unfortunately look to the cheaper option to source their fur - China.  Unfortunately, in places like China the fur industry is hardly regulated and their fur farms and processing plants aren't run in an ethical or sustainable manner.  This means that the animals on these farms are mistreated, and that these farms also cause a great deal of pollution.

 Samuel Reiz only sources fur from auction houses whose fur is certified to come from farms that have high standards of animal welfare and sustainability.  Our fox fur comes from from Saga®️ furs Finland and our mink fur from NAFA®️ furs in Canada.  Both auction houses are known for their very high animal welfare and sustainability standards.  These auction houses also have a robust in-house grading system which grades the quality of their pelts.  

Wear your outerwear in good conscious; always purchase outerwear whose fur is sourced from certified farms.