For decades our family has been working to keep people of all backgrounds warm with the finest furs and materials.  

Our drive, passion, and compassion for our customers and our unique unparalleled styles and craftsmanship lead us to found Samuel Reiz Apparel.   Samuel Reiz’s outerwear is top of the line in its style and quality of materials, in fact, Samuel Reiz bears a class of its own.  We are based in Montreal, Canada so we know what it means to be cold and we know what it takes to keep YOU warm!  

All of our styles emit positive emotions and beauty with their unique contrasts and elegant – and very specific – choice of materials.  Our craftsmanship is unmatched for perfection.  From our beautiful fur scarves to the one-of-a-kind Prestige Parka with its contrasted navy blue panels, luscious silver fox fur, and genuine Python skin, Samuel Reiz strives for perfection in quality, craftsmanship, and style.

Our goal is to make beautiful bold garments infused with very contagious positive energy that will spread everywhere.  There’s a saying that true leaders create leaders not followers.  We hold dear to this. Our clothing is made to inspire and arouse creativity from those who wear us!  Our styles talk…. You just have to listen.. And be inspired.

Our uniqueness doesn’t stop with the quality and style of our outerwear.  Our end-goal is that you – our customers – should look good and feel good about what you wear.  Therefore, we have an unmatched online exchange/return policy that will allow you to feel secure with your online purchase.  Click here for more info.