Get Store Credit For Your Fur!

Receive Samuel Reiz store credit with our Reborn Fur Initiative and pave the way for a more sustainable future!  

Send us your gently used fur outerwear or accessories and we will issue store credit on your behalf.   

How Does It Work?

  1.  Send an Email to attached with detailed photos and a description of what you wish to send us.
  2. After we receive your Email we will reply with our appraisal.
  3. If you accept our appraisal we will Email you a shipping label.
  4. Once we receive your shipment we will issue the appraisal in the form of store credit.  

The fur article that you send us will be cleaned and (if necessary) refurbished, and depending on its condition and quality, it will either be resold or 'reborn' into another fur article.  Please note that Samuel Reiz Apparel only sells new merchandise and "Reborn Fur" won't be used in any of our outerwear unless explicitly stated.