All products sold at samuelreiz.com and our authorized retailers are genuine Samuel Reiz products and come with a 1 (one) year warranty starting from the purchase date.   At our sole discretion, we will repair, replace, or credit products that are deemed defective within the above-mentioned warranty period.  This warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by accidents, misuse, and/or normal wear & tear.   Only authentic Samuel Reiz products that are sold through samuelreiz.com or one of our authorized retailers will be covered by this warranty.



Only Samuel Reiz products sold by samuelreiz.com or one of our authorized retailers are guaranteed to be authentic.  Please note that there are many counterfeiters trying to copy our products and illegally using the Samuel Reiz label.  If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of a product you wish to buy please contact us at info@samuelreiz.com, and we will advise you.