Besides for the obvious unique styles that Samuel Reiz outerwear possess, our outerwear also stands out in its quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.



The Fur


The bold character of Samuel Reiz outerwear comes in part from it’s stunning fur linings and trims.  Our fur is sourced from the auction houses such as Saga furs in Finland and NAFA furs in Canada.  These auction houses are widely acclaimed for their strict standards of sustainability and animal welfare that are implemented on their respective fur farms as well as their robust quality grading systems.  Samuel Reiz’s outerwear utilize only the highest quality grades of fur from Saga and NAFA.



The Fabrics


Samuel Reiz shell fabrics are made from weather proofed polycotton blends.  We use sustainably made fabrics from Italy and South Korea in our parkas and coats.  These fabrics are all tested for their durability, thermal qualities, and water resistance.  Samuel Reiz parkas also feature an 8mm Italian-made multi-braided drawstring at the waist for fit adjustment.




The Hardware


Zippers, buttons, and rivets can sometimes be overlooked as mere accessories.  At Samuel Reiz we believe that premium hardware not only add to the general quality of the garment but also add unique accents to its design.  Therefore, we exclusively use Italian made zippers, press buttons, and rivets crafted from solid brass and stainless steel.  All of our gold zippers are plated with real gold.  The zippers are made by Lampo and the press buttons in rivets are made by the Riri/Cobrax group.  Both companies are widely used in luxury designer apparel.



The Craftsmanship


Craftsmanship is what blends all of the luxurious materials into one beautiful garment.  Our outerwear is made at our workshop in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine by master furriers and tailors.  Each garment’s creation requires immense precision and countless hours of labor till it’s ready for inspection. 


Each shell is double top stitched using eight “panels” of fabric and has 28 Cobrax rivets.  Each fur lining is made from tens of differently shaped individual sections of Saga Royal fox fur that are carefully sewn together like quilts creating a posh and uniform look.


The finished product is for all to see and desire.